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  • How Curtains Can Affect the Acoustics of Your Home

    As curtain manufacturers in Melbourne,MAC Window Fashions is aware of how unpleasant it can be to try to spend a calm evening at home only to be interrupted by the noises of passing traffic, loud music coming from a nearby house, or children playing in the yard. These outside noises can be an annoyance and a distraction, whether you live next to a busy road or are attempting to work from home in a busy area. Therefore, you might be thinking if curtains could assist muffle the noise from outside. The short answer is that most wholesale curtains may lessen echo and reverberation in a room by absorbing sound before it enters the room.

    Curtains as Sound Barriers

    Before talking about curtains, it’s crucial to grasp the distinction between soundproofing and sound absorption while trying to reduce the noise that enters your home. Materials that absorb sound will do so while still allowing some sound to travel through. There will be a reduction in the noise that may be heard. These materials won’t be able to stop all noise from entering a room. However, soundproofing prevents sound from flowing through by reflecting it off the material; any sound that does get through is then absorbed before it reaches the other side. Even while most commercial and wholesale curtains will muffle and absorb sound, entirely shutting off sound is a little trickier. MAC Window Fashions are curtain manufacturers in Melbourne we will be discussing some affordable options later.


    Curtain material has a significant impact on how well they will absorb sound entering your house. Vinyl, solid, or thin materials won’t do much to shield you from annoying outside sounds. Porous materials are going to be your ideal choice when choosing curtains. You want your curtains to absorb the sound, much like a sponge does when it absorbs water.


    A porous cloth is not the only way to absorb sound; the density of the curtains will also aid. The number of pores in the material that can absorb sound waves increases with the thickness of the curtain. The weight of the curtain may be used to determine density.


    The most effective method of sound absorption in your house is to cover as much of the area surrounding the window as you can with drapes. A minimum of 20 cm would be required for coverage in all directions. As a result, your window’s curtains should be 20 cm longer, 20 cm broader, and 20 cm taller.

    Where Can I Find The Best Curtains?

    So remember that whether you live on a busy street or have a drummer in the family, wholesale curtains are an effective solution to dampening loud noises. MAC Window Fashions are curtain manufacturers in Melbourne, and we have the widest range of luxury curtains for your home. For more information please visit our website.

  • Good Questions to Ask When At Your Local Curtain Supplier

    Like anything else on the market, there are always expensive luxury items as well as far more reasonably priced alternatives. But not all curtains are created equal, just like any other product. What exactly are curtains, and what should customers be on the lookout for? Buying curtains when you know nothing about them may add even more stress to the already difficult chore of moving into a new house. MAC Window Fashions is the best curtain manufacturer in Melbourne and we have helped you put together 5 Things to ask your curtain suppliers before you actually commit to buying the curtains.

    The Reputation of the Supplier

    Threats of businesses folding, leaving town, or even engaging in unethical sales practises may be quite serious. The problem, though, is that every single provider constantly touts their reputation to their customers. The idea is to check for other third-party certifications on the supplier’s credibility rather than just taking their word for it.

    Place of Origin 

    Ask your curtain suppliers about the fabric’s place of origin and if it came from a reliable source when you’re there. Frequently, buying something more expensive but durable is more cost-effective in the long term than buying something cheaper but needing to replace it every few years. Additionally, because of the manner the cloth is made, these materials are typically more durable than others, not simply more aesthetically pleasing.

    The Warranty

    Although no suppliers would offer a warranty on the fabric itself, often the mechanics that operate the curtain are more expensive than the fabric is. Rollers, pulleys, curtain tracks, motorized systems, and other mechanisms are just some of the items MAC Window Fashions holds for warranty purposes. Check the after-sales warranty and the duration of the guarantee before you buy any curtains. This naturally relates to our earlier remark concerning the reputation of the provider, as the warranty wouldn’t be very valuable if the business had already closed down.

    Choosing Material

    The market has a wide variety of vendors for both curtains and textiles, it is true. But just as there are numerous ranges for bed sheets based on the thread count, pattern, material, etc., there are also different ranges for curtains and curtain fabrics. There are less expensive options available, but some of them may shrink significantly after washing and some may have colours that fade with time. This all relies on the fabric’s quality and whether or not you bought them from the best curtain manufacturer in Melbourne.

    Were To Ask Your Questions?

    MAC Window Fashions is the best curtain manufacturer around and we offer a various range of fabrics from around the world and provides an after-sale warranty better than most other curtain suppliers. Contact us or visit our website for more information about who we are and what we do.

  • 3 Simple Steps to Clean Silk Curtains At Home

    Silk curtains were designed for elegance, but their subtle sheen may highlight even the tiniest stains, spoiling the entire effect. However, there are a few actions you can do to renew them at home and save pricey trips to the cleaners as even the best curtain manufacturer will often make the majority of real silk curtains as dry-clean curtains only. Learn how curtain suppliers like Mac Window Fashions handle dust and stains while preserving the delicate fabric of your window coverings by reading on. 

    Cleaning Your Silk Curtains

    Step 1: Remove Dust – Silk curtains’ distinctive lustre is dulled by the propensity for them to draw and gather dust. Even the best curtain manufacturer will suggest taking down your curtains and shaking them outside to get rid of dust in the safest manner first. After that, a handheld vacuum or a vacuum with an extension wand are ideal options for getting out the remainder of stubborn dust particles. A panel should be laid flat over the window, and the drapes should be softly vacuumed from top to bottom. Repeat this step on the other side too.

    Step 2: Test Chemicals – It’s crucial to test cleaning chemicals before using them since silk is susceptible to water stains and discolouration. Start by using a stain remover without water that is designed for things that can only be dry-cleaned. Mac Window Fashions advises that you test the product on the back of the curtain hem or rod pocket and follow the curtain suppliers’ application directions. If the product stains or ruins the silk, repeat the test with purified water and a few drops of a light detergent or white vinegar solution.

    Step 3: Remove Stains- Take down the panel and lay it out on a table when you notice a stain on your silk curtains. To the stained area, use the stain remover or cleaning solution of your choice. To avoid colour transfer, if you’re using a solution, apply it using a fresh, white cloth. Gently rub the stain, then hang the curtain to dry naturally. Iron it softly on the silk setting or the lowest heat level if it is wrinkled. Remember that this approach should only be used for minor stains; for large or deeply stained curtains, professional dry cleaning is a better option.

    Wholesale Curtains Near You

    We can help if you’re looking for the best curtain manufacturer in your area to create custom curtains for business and home interiors. MAC Window Fashions are reputable curtain suppliers equipped with luxury curtains for a variety of business settings and housing projects. To make sure that all of your curtain needs are addressed, we would like to invite you to visit our website and get in touch with us.

  • A Complete Guide On Home Curtains & How To Hang Them

    Australian Business Network

    Window treatments are one of the most essential parts of home décor. Without the addition of window treatment in your house, the décor remains incomplete. Along with the aesthetical allure, curtains also add a functional factor. It helps to protect your privacy from the prying eyes of outsiders as well. Along with, privacy it also provides effective light control. But the different room has a different requirement. You wouldn’t just hang a sheer curtain in the bedroom, or block out curtains in the living room.

    Let’s look at which window treatment is perfect for which room.

    1. Living-Dining Room:

    The living room is undeniably one of the most used spaces in a home. In most houses these days, living rooms have high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. This is why to cover these windows you need special window treatment. You can use either, sheer curtains with block-out curtains or you can…

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  • A Short Guide to Thread Count in Curtains

    Choosing the proper pair of curtains is such a crucial step in creating a lovely environment. Where do you begin when picking curtains? The colour, pattern, fabric, pleat, and whether to choose a heavy or lightweight cloth are all equally significant considerations. A good curtain manufacturer will make their products quite strong and may be manufactured from a variety of materials. Polyester, nylon, cotton, silk, wool, and other textiles. Due to cost, synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are more popular than natural fibres, which are far more expensive but well worth the investment. At Mac Window Fashions we understand this all too well, which is why we are the best curtain manufacturers in Melbourne, and this is our guide to understanding thread count. 

    Understanding How Thread Count and Quality Work Together 

    Warp threads – The weft threads are constructed of finer, stronger fibres than the warp threads, which are stretched horizontally on the loom and are also referred to as surface threads or ends. 

    Weft threads – The horizontal threads that the shuttle passes through the warp threads during the weaving process are known as the weft, or filling threads. 

    A curtain manufacturer like Mac Window Fashions will determine thread count by adding the number of warp threads to the number of weft threads per square inch, so, the feel of linen, which has a thread count of 150, with 75 warp threads and 75 weft threads, is known to have a rough finish. This serves as an example of how softer a fabric will have even more threads per square inch. A thread count of anything over 400 would probably be quite expensive. The cloth will get considerably softer as the count increases. But it’s also important to consider the quality of the threads used, since a fabric with a thread count of 400, for example, with inferior threads won’t be as soft as one with a thread count of 200 and better quality threads. Only the best curtain manufacturers will make curtains with a thread count of 400 – 600 with high-quality threads.   

    A Trusted High-Quality Curtain Manufacturer 

    Mac Window Fashions has an extensive range that really measures up to the best curtain manufacturers around. We have gone to great lengths to give you the widest range of quality fabrics with varying thread counts from linen to satin. A curtain manufacturer with this many options is hard to come by so check out our website and catalogue today. 

  • Blinds Shutters Sydney

    The Love of Pugh 998

    We’re here to make the DIY process as easy as possible. Find everything you need to know about measuring and installing here. We’ll send you up to six fabric samples completely free of charge. Order today and we’ll send them immediately via Australia Post. Outdoor Shutters Our outdoor shutters are made from durable aluminium. They’ll remain in top condition for many years to come.
    Our vertical blinds are perfect if you have wider windows, sliding or patio doors. They’re a cost-saving way of covering a large space and they look modern and stylish too. We only have wand controlled vertical blinds, so there are no cords or tacky chains at the bottom of your verticals. You can Security Door Oran Park take complete control of the light that you let in with the simple tilt of the wand. Choose from timber look pvc venetian blinds or aluminium venetians. Venetian blinds…

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  • Choosing the Right Outdoor Curtains

    The durability of outdoor curtains makes them stand out. Usually, they are made to survive the weather without fading, ripping, or growing mould. The best are constructed of water- and stain-resistant materials that withstand the elements, many varieties are also UV-stable so their colour doesn’t fade with time. Outdoor curtains are the ideal blend of […]

    Choosing the Right Outdoor Curtains — Allegra interiors
  • Some Boho Products That You Exclusively Need For Your Homes

    Bohemian Vibes Australia

    Many people love going hand in hand with the current trends. They love making their place trendy and alive. You might have tried a few things at your place if you are also among these people. If you are ready to try another trendy thing, you can go for Boho style home decor. Bohemian style is getting more recognition these days. People love how this style makes everything look brighter and more vibrant. Here are a few Bohemian-styled products that you can try at your home.

    Bohemian Curtains and Tapestry:

    Usually, people use solid and sophisticated curtain designs. And instead of tapestries, they place a painting or any other art piece above the bed. But if you want to try something unique, you can choose Bohemian curtains and tapestries. Bohemian products come in unique colours and designs. So, when you place them in your house, you can see how…

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  • Most Popular Curtains Design. Beautiful Curtains. Designerplanet

    Fashion — Home and Beauty

    Most Popular Curtains Design. Beautiful Curtains. Designerplanet

    Shop for wide Range of Curtains

    Table of Contents

    Blue Curtains

    Green Curtains

    Yellow Curtains

    Orange Curtains

    White Curtains

    Purple Curtains

    Red Curtains

    Brown Curtains

    Pink Curtains

    Grey Curtains

    Gold Curtains

    Patterned Curtains

    Deep Blue Curtains

    Neutral Shades

    Pastel Shades

    Our Top Recommendations

    Home Sizzler Patterned Door Curtain

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    Story@Home Solid Blackout Door Curtain

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    Amazon Basics Blackout Curtains

    Check Price

    Blackout Curtains

    These are also called Blackout curtains. This curtain style blocks the maximum amount of light from the outside which helps you sleep better. These are durable curtains that are good for room darkening, thermal insulation and noise reduction. This curtain style is not only very functional but also beautiful to look at. It may sound strange, but you can save money by using blackout curtains. If you are someone who lives in a hot place, these can help…

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  • How to Use Coloured Sheer Curtains

    It’s time to take advantage of the scorching weather, fresh air, and sun-filled interiors as summer draws near. While maintaining much-needed privacy and guarding against pesky insects and dust, sheer curtains are a terrific way to make the most of natural light and create a bright, soft, outdoorsy ambience. 

    Curtain suppliers typically use polyester, a relatively eco-friendly and reasonably priced fabric, is used to make the majority of sheer curtains. Polyester curtains are quite simple to clean because of their synthetic makeup. As for style, a flat coloured sheer is a simple option for any area, but keep in mind that the sheer curtains will filter the light that enters the room, so if you use coloured sheer curtains, you’ll receive coloured light. Mac Window Fashions are curtain manufacturers in Melbourne and this is our guide to using coloured sheer curtains.  

    Changing the light colour 

    Since sheer curtains are intended by curtain suppliers to diffuse direct light, and a sufficient amount of light is required for this approach to work well, it is important to consider how the space they’re in will affect how they will behave. A well-positioned coloured sheer curtain has the power to shift the room’s whole ambience to a single shade. With colours like green, yellow, and blue enhancing the summery atmosphere, this will foster a free and relaxed environment.  

    Matching different colours 

    At Mac Window Fashions we pride ourselves on our vast variety of colours, textures, and styles so consider doing the same with the simple use of two or more colours of your choice to make your windows pop or to coordinate with your décor. This is where you can take a different approach to the free and breezy and go for a more luxurious and sophisticated look. Matching classy colours like navy blue and black, or grey and white, is a great way of dressing curtains for events and functions, and boardrooms.  

    Hanging them as strips 

    Depending on the room and the style, you can get really wild with these curtains. Most curtain manufacturers in Melbourne make sheer fabrics that are typically very thin and light making them easily blown and flustered by wind, typically only barely held down by their own weight. This means that by hanging them as multiple narrower strips of 50cm to 1 meter, this effect can be multiplied, leaving your room filled with long strips of wavy and free fabric. 

    Buying your sheer curtains 

    As you consider buying multiple different colours of sheer curtains, finding curtain suppliers is not an issue. Mac window fashions are the best curtain manufacturers in Melbourne and we are here to help you with a huge variety of window coverings and curtains to pick from. Simply choose the one that best suits you to change the appearance of your room. For more information visit our website or contact us